Meet the Team

Amanda Simcic

estate ready kelowna

Amanda  has spent her entire career organising. Restaurants, hotels, students  and even a 35,000 seat sport stadium. Following the birth of her first  child, she made the natural transition into consulting. Owning and  operating a successful event consultancy for 10 years, and counting  companies such as Cloudy Bay Vineyards (NZ), Saint Clair Vineyard Half  Marathon (NZ), Voyager Estate (AUS) and other respected companies among her client list. 

Moving  to Kelowna in May 2017 to support her husband, a Viticulturist, growing  premium grapes for 3 of the Okanagan's most iconic wineries.

Dana Cameron

estate ready kelowna

 Dana  thrived in the high pressure world of oil and gas, managing  projects, coordinating teams and consistently achieving results for over  20 years. She was well known for her attention to detail and efficient  professionalism.

Moving  to Kelowna in 2012 with her family to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle  in a temperate climate, she embraced the Okanagan and all it has to  offer. Dana  is passionate about her community and an active volunteer with  roles that include her local school, Karis House and various others

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